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Top 10 Pet Poisons

In 2012, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) over 180,000 cases of pets exposed to possibly poisonous substances. Based on those cases, they compiled a list of the 10 most common toxins that pets get a hold of. Topping the list for the fifth year in a row are human prescription medications. You should […]

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Train Dog Treat on Nose

Train Your Dog to Balance a Treat On His Nose!

Don’t be mislead by the title of this short video – it is not just mean to just teach your dog a trick to show him off at parties. If you pay attention and follow the step by step instructions in this video, you (and your dog) will learn many important principles and skills to […]

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Training with dogs

Shelter Dogs and Juvenile Offenders in Los Angeles – Who’s Helping Who?

Note: A previous article described Custody Canine Program that has been running in the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail. That unique program pairs dogs that have been rescued with prison inmates who then train the dogs in order to prepare them to be adopted. Here is another innovative win-win program between the legal system […]

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sick dog under blanket

What to Do When Your Dog Has Diarrhea

Although most dog owners are familiar with diarrhea in their pets, since the condition is such a common one, only a handful of owners really know anything about diarrhea’s varieties and causes. Perhaps the greatest single cause of diarrhea is a change of diet. Thus, a dog that has been used to eating a commercial […]

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Male and female symbols

Which Dog is Better: Male or Female?

Once you make the decision to acquire a dog for yourself and/or your family, there are several things to consider when selecting your new pet. The one we are going to discuss here is whether you should get a male or a female dog. Another important question is: What is the Best Dog Breed For […]

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Question Options

What is Your Dog’s Favorite Activity?

Some dogs love to sleep, some dogs love to run, and some dogs love to… well, do other stuff. About a week ago I created a Facebook poll asking the question: What is Your Dog’s Favorite Activity? Several thousand people have already answered. Please add your voice and tell us your dog’s favorite activity. Then […]

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Dog with Flea Cartoon

Are You Prepared For Flea Season?

Anyone who has a dog knows that fleas can be a problem and getting rid of them can take hard work and persistence. While there are many dog flea remedies out there, you have to consider the lifestyle of a flea as well as how they invade your home in order to figure out which […]

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Pet Travel 101 Infographic

Pet Travel Tips Infographic

I recently posted an article 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Dog Ready For Car Travel and before that I posted Airplane Travel With Your Dog. Today I come across a great Pet Travel 101 infographic that brings together in graphical form some great tips for travelling with your dog. Try to keep these tips […]

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Dog Pills Diet

Are Vitamin Supplements Important for Your Dog?

Today, almost everyone knows that it is important for people to take vitamin supplements, but not everyone knows that it is also just as important for their dogs. In the same way that vitamin supplements benefit people that take them, they also provide numerous benefits to the overall health of dogs. This is especially true […]

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Hero Dog Awards 2013

Hero Dog Awards 2013

UPDATE: The 2013 Hero Dog Award Winner is Elle, a 5-year-old pit bull! See details on Elle and the other finalists here. The American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™ were created in 2010 to celebrate the remarkable bond between dogs and people. This annual national competition searches out and recognizes America’s Hero Dogs in our […]

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Young couple resting with dog

Should I Date a Dog Owner?

The Internet is certainly a marketplace of ideas. Lots of people and lots of opinions. We are all used to that, but I was still particularly intrigued by the following two posts I came across today, each presenting a different viewpoint on the question of whether one should date a dog owner or not.   […]

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