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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bulldogs

English BulldogAccording to the American Kennel Club, the bulldog has consistently been the most popular dog breed in Los Angeles. Los Angeles celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan shares 10 little-known facts about bulldogs, including:

  • Bulldogs are the 6th most popular breed in America
  • Warren G. Harding was the only U.S. President to own a bulldog while in office
  • Brigitte, the bulldog who plays Stella on Modern Family, has the distinction of being the first bulldog to win a Golden Collar award
  • Bulldogs are one of the most popular mascots for universities and sports teams
  • Over 80 percent of bulldogs are delivered by Caesarean section

For the full list, see CesarsWay

To learn more about the history and personality of the bulldog see the Bulldog Dog Breed

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