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Best Dog Calendars For 2015

As the year 2015 is just about here, do you already have your 2015 dog calendar? I reviewed many of the available calendars and here are my favorites in three different categories:

  • Dog Humor Calendar
  • Wall Calendar
  • Page-A-Day Calendar

Dog Humor Calendar

If I had a to come up with a shorter name for this calendar I would call it the “Laugh a Day Calendar For Dog Lovers” instead of its official name of Dog Cartoon-a-Day 2015 Calendar: A Year of Unleashed Canine Comedy Each page of this daily calendar has another hilarious cartoon featuring dogs in one way or another.

It reminds a bit of the Dilbert 2015 Day-to-Day Calendarthat my geek friends (OK, and me too) enjoy so much. They are so funny, you are going to run through the whole year’s pages just for the laughs!


Wall Calendar

My choice for the best 2015 wall calendar is the What Dogs Teach Us 2015 Wall Calendar. I really like the combination of beautiful photographs combined with inspirational messages/lessons we can learn from man’s best friend. There is also plenty of room in the boxes for each day in the monthly grid to write in appointments, occasions, and other reminders.


Page-A-Day Calendar

The 365 Dogs 2015 Page-A-Day Calendar is both educational and sure to bring a smile to your face as you turn to a new page and a new cute puppy every single day.



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