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Canine Arthritis – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Vets examining dog x-rayThe condition known as canine arthritis is known to cause a great deal of pain and discomfort for our beloved dogs. It can also cause a large amount of inflammation of the joints. Canine arthritis is a problem that is fairly common in dogs that are in an older age group. It is also not uncommon for this condition to arise when there has been some sort of injury or disease in the past that caused injury to your pet’s joints


There are actually a few different reasons that a dog may begin to show the signs that they have canine arthritis. These are the most common ones:

  • The joints of obese dogs feel stress due to an excessive amount of weight and they tend to be at higher risk for acquiring canine arthritis
  • Traumatic injuries that have been suffered tend to cause problems with canine arthritis later on down the road
  • Although it is most common in older dogs., canine arthritis can actually occur in any dog no matter what their age might be. This is especially true if there has been issues with the proper development of the bones.


One of the most common symptoms that a pet owner will usually notice with this condition is that the dog will usually begin to limp or favor the specific joint that has been affected. Swollen joints are another big sign that there may be a need to have your pet checked out by your family veterinarian. Dogs that are suffering the discomfort that this condition can cause typically experience so much pain that they lose their interest in playing around, jumping, and sometimes even walking. If the discomfort they feel is severe, they may also feel uncomfortable when they are just touched.

When a veterinarian needs to diagnose a condition like this, there are several tests that they may want to conduct. They will also take a few other factors into account before making the diagnosis, like the dog’s past medical history and the particular symptoms they have. The vet will closely examine the dog’s joints that are affected and x-rays will also be taken. These make it possible for the veterinarian to see any kinds of changes within the joints that may have occurred due to the arthritis. Extraction of some of the fluid within the joints may also be necessary for an adequate diagnosis.


In a majority of cases canine arthritis can be effectively treated by using various anti-inflammatory medications. In the event the arthritis has flared up because of a specific type of injury, surgical procedures may be required to correct any damage that has occurred to the joint ligaments. Obesity will also need to be addressed if it is determined to be the problem that has caused the canine arthritis.

There are a few things that all pet owners can do to help ensure their pet never suffers from canine arthritis. Just as with humans, dogs also need an adequate amount of exercise to stay healthy and strong. A proper diet is also a huge factor that can go a long ways towards prevention. The book Pet Lover’s Guide to Canine Arthritis and Joint Problems, 1eoffers more information.

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