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Caring for Your Dog – Don’t Forget Playtime!

Woman playing with dog.Playtime is a fun time that pet owners can spend with their dog to enjoy each other and to form a strong bond of companionship. However, there are also other good reasons to ensure that your dog is given an adequate amount of playtime. A dog that is never given the opportunity to have fun and play around is likely to suffer from personality problems. They are also much more likely to suffer from depression and other kinds of health conditions. Playtime is a necessary part of any growing puppy’s life and it is just as important when they have reached adulthood and beyond. Not only is it good to give your dog some one on one play time, but they also need toys that help to keep them occupied when they are playing on their own.

You will find that there is a large variety of fun dog toys to buy for your pet that can be used for play, to help strengthen his teeth, and to use during training. There are several unique shapes, colors, and sizes, which makes it an easy task to select those that are appropriate and safe for your dog. The biggest issue that you will want to avoid is choosing toys that are much too small for your dog, as this would be a problem that could very easily end up being a choking hazard. When you make certain your pet has plenty of toys that he can play with it also helps to ensure that he don’t spend his time chewing on items in the home that he shouldn’t.

Just like small children, playtime is an enjoyable time to have a great time and improve motor skills. Small puppies are not nearly as coordinated as adult dogs, and playtime is a great time to improve skills like this. When a dog remains active from their puppy years on up to their senior years, it helps to ensure that their joints, circulation, muscles, and other areas of the body continue to work properly. When older dogs just lay around with nothing to do their muscles and joints will often become stiff just the same that happens in humans. This is a problem that can also cause a large amount of pain and discomfort. The longer that you provide plenty of different types of toys for your aging dog to play with, the longer he will remain active and healthy.

Teething can be a frustrating time in your puppy’s life and in your life if you fail to provide him plenty of his own toys to gnaw and chew on. The constant chewing action that puppies do helps their teeth grow strong. As some of the bigger breeds in dogs are well-known for the power they have in their jaws to rip and shred things apart, there are toys made specifically for these breeds. The manufacturers of these dog toys are familiar with the needs of these dogs and they only use the highest quality and durable materials in the making of their products.

When you go through your check-list of important elements to remember for the care of your new pet, playtime is a special time that should never be overlooked. Don’t make the mistake of just buying a toy for your dog and letting him play on his own.

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