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Little boy training puppy

How to Involve Children in Puppy Training

In a previous blog post we discussed how to have all children assume some responsibility for the new puppy. In this post we discuss the next step in the relationship – how to involve children in the puppy training experience. As soon as your new puppy arrives at your home for the very first time, […]

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Mother, son, and dog playing

Introducing Your Child and Your New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is a very exciting and memorable experience, especially when there are children in the family. There is something very special about seeing a small child and a loving puppy playing happily together. Psychological studies have proven that people who are fortunate enough to grow up with a dog in the […]

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Puppy boxer

New Puppy Owners: Avoid These 4 Training Mistakes

Let’s be honest – you’re bringing home a new puppy or dog and you are probably not very experienced at training dogs. You have not taken a canine training class and have not studied up too much (if at all) on the latest puppy training techniquesthat are available. That’s okay! New puppy owners should not […]

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Jack Russell Terrier Portrait

The Most Helpful Jack Russell Terrier

This Jack Russell Terrier is certainly quite well-trained – I wish I could get my kids to do half of the things he does, never mind my dogs! I wonder how long it took to complete all that training? I am sure he sleeps well at night… Want to receive short, actionable training tips? Click […]

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Puppy Kissing Charming Girl

Puppy Housetraining – Myths and Facts

With the abundance of material on dog training that is available on the Internet today, it can actually become a difficult task to find reliable information. A quick search on Google for “Housetraining dogs” returns several million articles. The problem is that many of them contain information that is based on myths or just plain […]

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Father and Daughter Playing With Dog

Bringing Home a New Puppy – 6 Important Do’s

Update: Just posted a complementary article Bringing Home a New Puppy – 6 Important Don’ts Whether this is the first puppy or the 20th puppy that you have ever brought home,  it  is important to take a few minutes to go back and review the basics. There is no shortage of  books, magazines, and Internet articles […]

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Surfing Dog

Surfin´ Bulldog

Update: Tillan won this year’s Gold Zoomie award for Best TV Dog. This is both a really fun and a really impressive video! Of course, the dog starring in the video is not just any dog. He is Tillman, the 7 year old surfing and skate-boarding Bulldog from Oxnard, California. Watch him as he surfs […]

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