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Training Police Dog

Police Dog Training Blooper

Yes, this video of a German Shepherd being trained to attack robbers does contain a “blooper” that gets everyone laughing. However, the discipline of the dog and the effectiveness of the training is very impressive in my opinion. The key event occurs at 0:38 seconds into the video. What do you think? Widgets Did […]

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Dog Driving Car

Can Your Dog Drive a Car?

While I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that I wrote the title above just to trick you into reading this post, that is not the case. This is a true story about 3 dogs that have really been trained to drive a car! In order to raise awareness and encourage adoption of their rescued dogs, the Society […]

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Boarding pass dog

Preparing For Airplane Travel With Your Dog

As we approach the peak holiday travel season, many dog and pet owners are getting a little concerned about taking their pets on the plane with them for their flight back home.  While there is no to panic, some simple precautions and preparations came help ensure a much happier travel experience. Just because thousands and […]

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Sad Beagle With Separation Anxiety

6 Ways to Relieve Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

UPDATE: Here is another option: DOGTV! As we discussed in a previous article on separation anxiety, dogs that suffer from separation anxiety feel distressed and frightened when they are left without their owner. The level of the dog’s anxiety can range from mild to severe. A mild case is often presented when the dog is […]

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Walking 2 Dogs in The Park

Can You Walk 2 Dogs At The Same Time?

Considering that training one dog to walk on a leash is quite a challenge, is there any way you can ever walk two dogs at the same time? Especially two large breeds? Even those feisty toy breeds can be a monumental challenge to control together?! The answer is… possibly, as long as the dogs get […]

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Best Dog Trophy

2012 Hero Dog Awards

Update # 2: This years winner is Gabe – A US Military Working Dog.  In addition to having been stationed at several bases throughout the US, Gabe also completed over 210 combat missions with 26 finds of explosives and weapons during his tour of duty in Iraq. Read about Gabe and the other finalists on the Hero […]

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Seeing-Eye Dog

Questions For a Seeing-Eye Dog Trainer

I recently came across a very interesting interview with a seeing-eye dog trainer in the  Los Angeles Loyolan.  The interviewer presented 11 questions to a volunteer puppy raiser for the Guide Dogs of America. If you have ever wondered about things like ‘What is involved in training a seeing-eye dog?’  or ‘What are some of the difficulties you […]

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Not Funny Dog Training

House Training Puppies – Not So Funny!

This is probably not the best way to housebreak your puppy… 🙂   We have a lot of better training ideas to offer! Widgets You Might Also Like: Did you enjoy this post? Please click on the buttons below to share with your friends!

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