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5 Spots to Enjoy Craft Beer in L.A. With Your Dog

Drunk dog with beerOne of the best things about Los Angeles is that the weather (and the mood…) is always conducive to going out to catching a few beers. And there are so many local breweries to choose from! A little more challenging, however, is finding a pub that welcomes you to sit and enjoy a beer – together with your dog (just the sitting, not the beer drinking).

Well, the LA Times got local beer expert John Verive did some research and lists 5 local dog-friendly brewpubs in L.A. where you can enjoy craft beer together with your dog.

It should be noted that Angel City Brewery has been hosting a monthly “Barks, Bubbles and Brews” event to benefit the Much Love Animal Rescue where you can grab a pint while your dog gets washed and groomed. You can see the details of September 2013 event on the Los Angeles Dog Events Calendar.

Have you taken your dog to any of these places yet? Let us know what you think!

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