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Should I Date a Dog Owner?

Young couple resting with dogThe Internet is certainly a marketplace of ideas. Lots of people and lots of opinions. We are all used to that, but I was still particularly intrigued by the following two posts I came across today, each presenting a different viewpoint on the question of whether one should date a dog owner or not.

The original articles elaborate on and/or justify each of the stated reasons. I’ve made it easy and summarized below the reasons for and against dating a dog owner. To keep it fair, I skipped the last reason to date a dog owner, so that they each have 10 reasons. Read them, think about them, and then decide for yourself if you should date a dog owner.

  • Is Social
  • Is Active
  • Is Responsible
  • Is Thoughtful
  • Is Playful
  • Is Forgiving
  • Is Loyal
  • Is Easy Going
  • Enjoys Life
  • Is Good Companion

  • Sex is (usually) loud, and looks violent even if it’s not
  • Many dog owners sleep with their dogs
  • Be prepared to do all the trekking if you want sleepovers
  • No impromptu weekend getaways
  • Your stuff may get destroyed at some point
  • No more lazy mornings in bed
  • The dog park isn’t really a romantic place for a date
  • You probably won’t come first
  • Then there’s the jealousy thing
  • If relationship blossoms –  unexpected dog ownership

So what do you think? Are you going to seek out a dog owner to date – or run like heck from such a possibility?! Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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4 Responses to Should I Date a Dog Owner?

  1. K August 10, 2013 at 3:36 PM #

    I’m a dog owner, and I am:
    Not social
    Active, if a lot of walking counts
    Is Responsible in certain areas
    Is Thoughtful
    Is Playful
    Is not at all Forgiving.
    Is Loyal
    Is the opposite of Easy Going. I have multiple anxiety disorders.
    Enjoys Life- when I’m not going through an episode of depression.
    Is Good Companion to very specific people.
    Sex is (usually) loud, and is violent. Hey, people like what they like.
    Many dog owners sleep with their dogs- my dog is too picky and just gets off the bed and moves to the couch if I kick slightly, but it’s something I’d do. I like morning sex, though, so I’d make her sleep somewhere else for my selfish reasons.
    Be prepared to do all the trekking if you want sleepovers (I can’t bring my dog into your house? Nope.)
    No impromptu weekend getaways (again- haven’t you ever heard of dog camps? Trips to the beach or cottage?
    Your stuff may get destroyed at some point by a lot of things, and it’s more likely to be one of those than my dog. Just keep it out of her reach. It’s not that hard.
    No more lazy mornings in bed- as I said, I don’t insist on having my dog sleep in the bed.
    The dog park isn’t really a romantic place for a date, and I don’t go anyway. I hate dog parks.
    You won’t come first, and if your fragile little ego can’t handle it or realize that love isn’t something someone has a limited amount of that they have to choose how to divide up,… yeah no.
    Then there’s the jealousy thing (what jealousy thing?)
    If relationship blossoms – unexpected dog ownership is not happening. My dog is my dog and will stay that way, and if I do get married I will ensure that I retain custody if we divorce.

    • Cindie September 16, 2013 at 4:41 PM #

      My Daddy gave me some sage advice…He said watch a man around children and dogs. They sense if he is a keeper or a dud. AND IT’S TRUE!!!!!!

      • LAdogs September 16, 2013 at 5:10 PM #

        Age-old, sage advice!

  2. LAdogs August 10, 2013 at 10:16 PM #

    Thanks for you very thorough response!

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