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Begging is Not Always a Great Quality in a Dog

Boy With Bread and Begging DogIn the beginning you may be amused at how easy it is to teach your dog to beg. However over time this behavior can become not only annoying but disruptive as well. This is especially true if your dog habitually sits near you with those pitiful little eyes begging for table scraps when you and your family are trying to enjoy your meal. The act of begging is one of the dog tricks that can be taught very easily to a dog. Unfortunately it is often very difficult to teach a dog when begging is an inappropriate action.

Don’t Teach Your Dog to Beg For Food Scraps

The best and most effective tool is never to teach your dog to beg for table scraps in the first place. If this is something the dog has already learned elsewhere, this may be a little more difficult. There is nothing wrong with giving your pet a reward of table scraps from time to time. Their behavior is learned, however, by the methods and times at which you offer them a reward. The best way to do this is to wait until after the meal is over and put a special treat in their own bowl. What is even better is to give it at the dog’s regular mealtime. This lets them know that while they may occasionally receive such rewards it is not desirable to beg for them.

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When you have a dog that consistently begs for table scraps at inappropriate times it is very important that you not give in to this type of behavior. Remember that dogs are much like children and will do whatever they think will get them what they want. This includes whimpering, whining, barking and anything else that they can think of. When you give in to these actions you actually end up sending the signal that this behavior is acceptable and that they will receive a reward for it. Once this happens, you have lost the battle of getting your dog to stop begging.

Positive reinforcement can be a very effective tool in teaching your dog not to beg as well. Teach your dog to lie or sit in a certain place during meals and be sure to offer praise or some other reward when this is done. This helps to teach your dog that they have done something good and they will be more likely to continue this positive behavior.

Spend Higher Quality Time With Your Dog

It is not impossible to teach a dog not to beg when you have the time and patience to put into it. The best thing, however, is to never teach your dog this undesirable habit to begin with. This will prevent the seemingly endless hours of frustration and potential anger that may result from the act of trying to teach your dog not to beg. Your time can be much better spent teaching your dog many actions and behaviors that may actually be beneficial to them and allow you much more quality time with your beloved pet.

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