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Dog Breed Briefs – First of New Resources

LA Dogs Logo (small)As our site’s readership has grown, we have been thinking of what other types of useful content we should be adding to this site (If you have any ideas or suggestions, PLEASE let us know!) In addition to the current blog postings of news and stories about Los Angeles, General News, Health, Training, Breeds, Puppies, and Rescue & Adoption, we have developed a plan to start rolling out pages of valuable resources in different categories. These will all be found under the “Resources” menu item in the navigation menu bar.

The first category of resources that we have started posting to this new area is “Dog Breed Briefs”. This is a great way to learn about the many different recognized dog breeds – and maybe even a little something that you didn’t know about your own favorite dog breed. These brief overviews outline the history, significant characteristics, and health issues for each dog breed covered. We will be adding to the list of Dog Breed Briefs on a regular, ongoing basis.

Of course, you still have the option of receiving the Dog Breed Briefs directly in your email Inbox twice a week. Just click here to send us an email and receive our free Dog Breed Briefs

In the coming weeks, we will be adding other categories of resources, so please stay tuned!

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