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Dogs Get Sunburns Too

Dog in Beach ChairWhile we may be in the habit of putting sunscreen on ourselves before going outside for long periods of time in the summer, we sometimes forget that our dogs can also get burned by the sun. The American Kennel Club offers some good tips to protect your dog when you are out having fun together:

  • Keep your dog inside in a cool room, or if he is outside, in a well shaded area or adequate shelter during the hottest parts of the days.
  • Use sunscreen on the parts of his body susceptible to sunburn. These parts include: nose, ends of the ears, around the mouth, eyelids and the underside of your dog – belly, groin and inside the legs; these areas are particularly at risk. Make sure you use a pet sunscreen because products for human use can contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs. Remember to reapply the sunscreen regularly. Pay particular attention to areas where little coat is covering and where the skin pigmentation is low or light in color.
  • Believe it or not, there are bodysuits designed to protect your dog from UV rays as well. It’s best to ask your veterinarian about which bodysuit is best suited for your particular dog. They can be a good option if your dog is continually out in the sun or you live in higher temperature regions.
  • If you have your dog groomed during the summer months, think about leaving his coat a bit longer so the coat offers some protection. Talk to your dog’s groomer or veterinarian about clipping your dog, as some dog breed’s coats are designed to insulate the dog from the sun’s heat. If you clip too much off your dogs coat, you may be doing more harm than good.


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