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DOGTV – Your Dog Will Never Be Alone Again

Dog Watching TV - DogTVHave you heard about DOGTV yet? Yes – a dedicated TV channel (on DirecTV) with programs specially designed for the needs of dogs! The team at DOGTV has been working with veterinarians and dog behavior specialists to develop video content specifically for your dog to watch on TV. This is great for dogs with separation anxiety and/or dogs that are left home alone for long periods of time. Of course, you can also watch it together with him, if you want to spend some quiet quality time…

DOGTV has been gaining attention for a while already – the  New York Times had an article on DOGTV over a year ago. I’ve been following their progress for at least 6 months and yesterday I had the opportunity to chat for a while with Ron Levi, the founder and Chief Content Officer of their company. He comes off as a really nice and smart guy and someone who is committed to this technology and product.

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As part of their launch on DirectTV, I arranged a special deal to be offered to Los Angeles Dogs readers.  Subscribe now to DOGTV on DirecTV – get the first month free plus another $30 worth of free gifts and discounts for your dog. Click on this link, or the banner on the left.




DOGTV’s content is scientifically designed and is divided into the 3 categories that dogs need:

  • Relaxation– content designed to help the dogs relax, reduce their stress level and keep them calm through soothing music, sounds and visuals.
  • Stimulation – dogs need to be stimulated, which is hard to achieve when they are home alone. DOGTV uses stimulating scenes with and without other animals, animation sequences and a variety of moving objects to stimulate the dogs. Great care is taken to use just the rights sounds and frequencies to encourage the dog’s playfulness even when home alone.
  • Exposure – based on the most advanced veterinary science, DOGTV uses special sounds and visuals to help habituate the dog and make him more comfortable in his environment, by exposing him to different day-to-day stimuli.

Here is a play list of several DOGTV program videos and information. What do you think?

Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about this fascinating service. If you are, I will pursue scheduling a full-length interview with Ron Levi to get the answers to your questions!

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2 Responses to DOGTV – Your Dog Will Never Be Alone Again

  1. Ken Blum September 27, 2013 at 8:54 PM #

    I just contacted my cable provider to see if they offer Dog TV. Charter does not offer it at this time. The service rep I spoke with said she thought it was a wonderful idea and would forward a request to upper management. I think it is great and am hoping Charter gets the service soon.


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