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Elements of Complete Dog Grooming

Dog at the vet being groomed
When you have taken on the responsibility of caring for a pet it is important that you are aware of the grooming needs that they have. While there are some dogs that actually need very little in this area, there are other breeds that have coats that must be tended to on a regular basis. As each dog’s coat can vary a great deal from one dog to the next, so can the specific grooming needs that they have. Below are some of the different types of coats that a dog may have, depending on its breed.

Lengths that range from no hair at all, short, medium, and long-haired dogs Textures that include wiry, curly, corded, smooth, and silky Color patterns that include bi-colored, part-colored, tri-colored, spotted, harlequin, brindled, and merle.

A Dog’s Coat

For proper grooming to be done it is important that the dog groomer you select has a thorough understanding of the needs that each length, color, and pattern requires. Another very important part of dog grooming is to understand that there are generally several different layers or levels within the coat of a dog. For some people this can be very tricky because not every single breed of dog has the same levels that the next breed might have.

There are 4 common layers that can be found in a dog’s coat:

  1. The Undercoat
  2. The Topcoat
  3. The Tactile Hair
  4. The Skin

Shedding is often an issue with some dog breed and there are others that do not shed at all. Regular grooming can help to eliminate a lot of problems with shedding. It also helps to ensure of good circulation, which reduces the chances of the dog acquiring any bothersome skin conditions.

A Dog’s Teeth, Ears, Nails, and Skin

Dental hygiene is also an important part of dog grooming and overall good health. Neglecting this vital part of grooming can cause many problems that include gum disease, malocclusion, tooth decay, and numerous other problems. Avoiding each of these issues is easy when you take your dog for regular dental check-ups.

The care of a dog’s ears is also important. Dog’s that have droopy ears generally need more care that those that stand erect. Keeping the hair trimmed around their ears and keeping the entire area clean will help to prevent infection and other problems. Because hair grows quite long around the ears of some breeds, it is not unusual for matting to occur. Regular brushing and clipping can help a great deal to ensure you do not run into problems with matting.
Regular nail care is another important element of dog grooming. Not only will it eliminate punctures to some of your favorite furniture pieces, but it also prevents infections from occurring around the nail bed or your dog.

Just like humans, dogs also need skin care. One way to ensure your dog’s skin is getting an adequate amount of stimulation for good circulation is by regularly brushing your dog. It also promotes a healthy shine and good growth of the dog’s hair.

When dog grooming is mentioned a lot of people only think of shampooing and trimming a dog’s coat. However, each of these other elements are just as important for overall good health.

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