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Are You Prepared For Flea Season?

Anyone who has a dog knows that fleas can be a problem and getting rid of them can take hard work and persistence. While there are many dog flea remedies out there, you have to consider the lifestyle of a flea as well as how they invade your home in order to figure out which ones are best.

Fleas have a life cycle of around 4 weeks. They go from egg to larva to adults which lay more eggs starting the cycle all over again. The problem is that the products that kill adults don’t kill the eggs so if you rely solely on those you may think your dogs fleas are gone, but then find out in a week or two that they are back again as the eggs hatch.

The other thing to consider is that fleas don’t just hang out on your dog – they are in his bedding, your carpets, even the cracks in your floors could harbor these tiny pests. So, when you are considering canine flea remedies, you need to also think about getting rid of the fleas that are in your pets environment.

Washing the bedding and vacuuming will pick up quite a few of them, but you may need to consider a defogger that you can set in the house to eradicate all the fleas at once. Obviously, you need to be very careful when doing this with pets (and humans ) in the house!

Flea collars, sprays, powders and shampoos will work well to repel adult fleas and keep them off your dog, but what about the eggs? Today there are pills and even shots that your Veterinarian can prescribe which will prevent the eggs from evolving into adult fleas. This can be very effective when combined with an adult flea killing product to keep the flea population down on your pet.

But what if you don’t want to subject your pet to potentially harmful chemicals? There are quite a few natural canine flea remedies that you might consider.

Dog with Flea CartoonOne of these is to feed your dog garlic or powdered yeast with every meal (check with your vet before feeding your pet garlic to find out what amount might be safe for your dogs size). Apparently fleas don’t like to bite dogs who have had garlic and will pass up your dog for something more appetizing. Adding sulphur to his food once a week is also recommended. To get rid of adult fleas that are already infesting your pet, you might try rubbing your dog with basil or bathing your pet in vinegar.

Getting rid of fleas can be hard work, but once you get the flea population down, you should be able to keep your dog virtually flea free with a little bit of maintenance.

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