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Is Your House Safe for Your Puppy?

Beagle in RefigeratorYour decision to adopt a dog is a very exciting time.  However, before bringing home your new family member, you must prepare the home environment. This is especially true if you have decided to get a puppy. In a previous post, we discussed creating a proper environment for your dog. In this post we will focus on safety issues in the home environment. There are many different aspects that should be considered when it comes to the process of puppy proofing your home to make it a safe environment for your new puppy.

Eliminate Clutter

One thing that can be extremely dangerous for a young puppy is a home that is cluttered. This can present many dangers for a puppy such as choking hazards and many other dangers as well. In order to prevent the hazards that excessive clutter can cause, it is essential that you eliminate as much of this clutter as possible. It is best to do this before the puppy arrives in order to be sure that your puppy has a safe home to come to without unnecessary dangers lurking everywhere.

Secure Cabinets

Many people don’t think of the dangers of low cabinets because they think puppies can’t open them. It is not unheard of however for a puppy to nudge open low cabinet doors with their paws. Many people keep household cleaning products and other potentially dangerous chemicals in low cabinets such as those found under kitchen or bathroom sinks. For this reason it is important to use some type of lock (e.g. child safety lock) on these cabinets to prevent your puppy from being able to open them. This will ensure that they are kept safe from any dangerous chemicals that you may have in your home.

Chew Toys

It is no secret that puppies love to chew on anything and everything that they can get their mouths on. A large reason for this is that it helps to strengthen a young puppy’s growing teeth. One of the most common items around the house that puppies are known to chew on relentlessly are shoes. In order to protect your shoes you should invest in chew toys for your puppy to chew on. When choosing chew toys it is important however that they are size appropriate for your puppy. Choosing chew toys that are too small will present a choking hazard and will ultimately do more harm than good.

Establish a Routine

There is more to puppy proofing than simply making your home a safe environment. You also have to think in broader terms such as establishing a regular routine for your puppy. This often means having regular feeding times and providing trips outside for potty time at regular intervals. This of course may mean making some changes to your own schedule to ensure that you are home at these crucial times. If you miss these scheduled times you could come to some very unpleasant occurrences because you were unavailable to fulfill the needs of your puppy.

As you can see having a puppy is much like having a child and, like a child, they require a lot of attention. Following these suggestions can help to raise a puppy that is both healthy and happy and will provide you with a loyal friend and companion for many years to come.

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