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March Madness, NCAA Basketball, and Animal Mascots

Bulldog MascotWell, we are now well into March, so that can mean only one thing – time for March Madness! Yes, time for the annual ritual of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Time for Basketball. Brackets. Beer. Cheerleaders. Mascots.

Yes, for us animal lovers, the mascots of the competing NCAA basketball teams is a significant part of the show. Who do you think are the top animal mascots of March Madness?

Here is what the Vetstreet staff chose as their Elite 8 NCCA basketball mascots for the 2013 March Madness. Click on that link to see the full details and pictures of each of these animal mascots.

  1. Jack and Jack Jr., Georgetown University
  2. Tuffy, North Carolina State
  3. Rameses, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  4. CAM the Ram, Colorado State University
  5. TOM III, University of Memphis
  6. Boomer and Sooner, The University of Oklahoma
  7. Ralphie, The University of Colorado
  8. Blue II and III, Butler University

With such beautiful and fascinating mascots, who can focus on the NCAA basketball games? 🙂

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