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Mickey Rooney Judged By How He Rescued a Dog

Veterinarian examining animal x-rayAs popular as he was, when Hollywood actor Mickey Rooney died at the age of 93, even more stories about this extraordinary man started to appear in the media.

Here is a special one for dog-lovers, as reported by Mother Jones:

Rooney was a personal friend of actor/US President Ronald Reagan. Below is one of President Reagan’s letters to Rooney and his wife Jan, written in 1985, after Rooney informed him that he could not attend the White House dinner to which the president invited the Rooneys.
Note how president Reagan formed his first impression of Mickey Rooney.

Dear Jan and Mickey,

Sorry you can’t make it June 12th but you have an ongoing rain check. While we’ll miss you we’re happy you are working ’cause that means pleasure for a lot of people.

Mickey I’ll bet you don’t remember the first time we met. The year was 1937 or thereabouts. I was new in Hollywood living in the Montecito apartments. Someone had run over a dog in the street outside. You came in to look for a phone book so you could find the nearest veterinarian and take the dog to him. I figured this had to be a nice guy and I was right.

Nancy sends her best and so do I.

Sincerely, Ronald Reagan

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