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PICK ME! – New Dog Rescue Song

We have quite a few dog rescue videos on this site, but many of them are painful to watch, while others are simply inspirational. However, I don’t think I would categorize many of them as “fun” videos. That is where this video – “PICK ME!” – a new Rescue Song by the Stray Dogs, is very different.

Stray Dogs, is a Rensselaer County band that always attracts a full house of dancing, laughing fans. All five band members are veteran area musicians who have played locally and display skills in a wide range of musical genres, including bluegrass, blues, country, rock, and everything in between!
Now, in addition to good music and fun, those fans are learning a little bit about dog rescue.

Stray Dogs’ original and catchy new single, “Pick Me,” will surely warm the dog lover’s heart and crack a smile. And the new “Pick Me” video, produced by Kim Clune from Dog House Adoptions, might just make you tear up and laugh out loud – at the same time.

Stray Dogs donated the song both for use in video by Dog House Adoptions and to any other rescue organization that wishes to use it. This is a great example of people collaborating and donating for the benefit of dog adoption and rescue.

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