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Do You Know the Proper Pet Etiquette For These Situations?

Dog Sitting at TableWe can count on the people at Good Housekeeping to bring us the best in pet etiquette for sticky circumstances. How would you handle these situations?

Do you agree with the experts from Good Housekeeping? I think they are pretty much on the mark, for almost all of them. Share you thoughts in the comments.

What do you think is the right thing to do in these scenarios?
Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

  1. Guests are coming to your home and you have a dog.
  2. Your pet hurts another animal.
  3. You want to take your dog to a store or restaurant.
  4. Your pet licks or jumps on people.
  5. You take your dog to a public beach or park.
  6. You want to bring your dog to a friend’s house.
  7. Your cat or dog has an accident at a friend’s place.
  8. You’re traveling with your pet.
  9. You and your dog live in an apartment with neighbors on all sides.
  10. Your dog is going to be spending time with kids.


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