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Reader Mail: We CAN Help Homeless, Abused, and Sheltered Animals

Leane Pierpoint Family
We always encourage and look forward to reader feedback or comments – whether to our blog posts or to our weekly newsletter. I recently received an email from one of our email subscribers that was so passionate, I asked her if I could post her message on our web site – and she agreed.


Hi Jackie—

I think your newsletter is reader friendly and upbeat, as well as fun and informative. My Frenchies love the apple cookies, as well as the salmon treats, listed in your book of doggie recipes.

Something that I have been involved with, and would like to see more of in your readership, is getting people involved in helping homeless/sheltered and abused animals. I understand the concept of not being able to help every stray, or the question people ask themselves about how much will a small donation really do for an animal in need a of multi-thousand dollar surgery, but something is better than nothing, Every little bit helps, and while the photos of these poor little creatures is really disheartening, think of the “after” pictures people can see from small contributions that were made.

Leane Pierpoint's Gracie and her wheelie cartPeople can make a difference, and I believe your readers can expose local AND national problems. Hendricks Boards, in San Diego, CA, is one such organization who highlights animals that have been found injured, and gets them rehabilitated and finds forever homes for these little ones. They network nationally. Another organization is our own local shelter in Agoura Hills. Many of these outfits I link to through Facebook, just as I found you.

Just to reiterate, I believe that humans will be the death of us, however, not all of us humans are going to just allow bad things to continue happening. Having a united voice will make positive change. One such example is the banding of people in New York managed to have a law pass where those convicted of animal abuse, now have to register, like sex offenders, as animal abusers. I think your newsletter can get the word out where words need to be heard.

Thank you for letting me share my voice.
Leane Pierpoint, Simi Valley, CA

Pretty powerful – no?

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