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What Dogs Eat – The Basics of Feeding Your Dog

Man Feeding Dog (cartoon)When you own a dog, proper feeding habits should begin during puppyhood and last all throughout the life of your pet. The overall condition of your dog’s health is in your hands and it is just one of the responsibilities of being a good pet owner. It is necessary for puppies and adult dogs alike to get an adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients from the food they are eating. This will help a great deal in making certain they stay healthy enough to fight off disease and illness. A healthy diet will also keep their organs and immune system functioning as they should.

Once you start feeding a dog a certain type of food, it is important that you do not change their food overnight. This is a process that will take some time. Their digestive system is much different than that of a human, making it hard for them to tolerate sudden changes in their diet. For this reason, it is best to stick to one type of food. If their body is receiving an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals needed for good health, they will continue to be happy when it is time for their feeding.

Common Types of Dog Food – What Dogs Eat

Most pet owners are familiar with the three basic kinds of dog food that exist:

  • Traditional dry dog food varieties
  • Semi-moist dog food
  • Dog food that comes in a can

Dog allergies are rarely a problem and the digestive system of most all dogs can easily tolerate any one of these three choices. The first step in deciding on the right dog food for your pet is reading the ingredients label supplied on the packaging. One of the main ingredients that should be listed at the top is whole meat. You should also be able to find meat or meat by-products listed at the top as well. Those that list whole grains, vegetables, or both, are even better choices. The reason these ingredients should be listed first is because labels list the ingredients according to the percentage of the ingredients contained in the food.

Most people will agree that the best choice in dog foods are those that are dry and of high-quality. One of the biggest reasons for this is because dry foods have the ability to keep your dog’s teeth much healthier and cleaner than semi-moist or moist foods.

Reading the feeding requirements on dog food labels is also important. This will list helpful information in regards to the amount of food certain breeds of dogs should have. If you have a puppy, it will need to eat as much as two or three times a day. Once a dog is one year old, it is considered to be an adult and will generally need only one or two feedings each day. If the feeding label does not provide enough information about how much your specific breed of dog should eat, you’ll find there’s a ton of helpful information on the Internet.

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