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Black dog with shopping bags

Can You Go Shopping With Your Dog?

Have you ever wanted to go shopping with your dog, but afraid to set out for the mall with him because you didn’t know if you’d be allowed to bring him into the store?  You certainly wouldn’t want to be forced to leave him tied up outside, would you? Of course, another option is to […]

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Taking Dog Photo

6 Tips For Taking Better Dog Photos

For many of us – myself included – one of the more frustrating pet challenges is taking good photos of our dogs. I’m not looking for wedding portraits, but something that captures our dog’s personally. Of course, if they have an active personality, it is often very hard to catch… I was therefore very happy […]

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Best Dog Trophy

2012 Hero Dog Awards

Update # 2: This years winner is Gabe – A US Military Working Dog.  In addition to having been stationed at several bases throughout the US, Gabe also completed over 210 combat missions with 26 finds of explosives and weapons during his tour of duty in Iraq. Read about Gabe and the other finalists on the Hero […]

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Useful, high detailed and vintage styled infographic elements

Evolution of Dog Breeds [Infographic]

This is a very interesting and informative graphic describing the evolution of different dog breeds and how they are classified into different categories. Click on the buttons at the end of the post to share this with your friends who are dog-lovers! Apartment Guide – Find Dog-Friendly Apartments for Rent Want to learn more about […]

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Lost Dog Ad

Beverly Hills Enforces Ban on Lost-Dog Flyers

Yes – you read that correctly. The city of Beverly Hills, California has a rule on the books forbidding the posting of any sort of posters or flyers without first receiving permission from the city council. While this law doesn’t normally get enforced nor make the news, it did recently get attention when the Department […]

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