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Dog Healthcare: vaccination.

The Importance of Dog Vaccinations

When a person makes the decision to own a dog, they are instantly assuming the role of their pet’s sole provider. This is a role that involves quite a few different responsibilities. Just a few of the important things that must be provided for your pet on a regular basis includes feeding, bathing, exercise, fun, […]

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brushing dog teeth

Tips for Your Dog’s Healthy Dental Hygiene

In today’s world almost everyone you know has, does, or will own a dog in their lifetime. Owning a dog can mark a special time in a person’s life such as a birthday, a new chapter in your life, or the loss of a beloved family member. When you embark on your journey through life […]

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Man Feeding Dog (cartoon)

What Dogs Eat – The Basics of Feeding Your Dog

When you own a dog, proper feeding habits should begin during puppyhood and last all throughout the life of your pet. The overall condition of your dog’s health is in your hands and it is just one of the responsibilities of being a good pet owner. It is necessary for puppies and adult dogs alike […]

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