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Dogs Loving Water Video

Dogs Loving The Water – Fun Video

Here is a short, fun video of some different dogs really enjoying themselves in water – sometimes in somewhat “interesting” circumstances! 🙂 While we strongly encourage you to go out and have fun with your dogs in or on the water, be sure to review our 10 Dog Safety Tips When Playing in the Water […]

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Be More Dog

Be Inspired – Be More Dog!!!

Although this video is actually an ad for something not dog-related – it really should be! It is a great video, that is guaranteed to make you smile, love your dog even more, and hopefully inspire to engage more with your life. And it should also make those cat-lovers really jealous 🙂 Enjoy, SHARE, and […]

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Sleeping Dog Cartoon

Your Dog Sleeps WHERE at Night?!

I’m sure we’ve all got great stories about the time our dog fell asleep on the —. But where does your dog NORMALLY sleep at night? Do they sleep in their bed? Do they sleep in YOUR bed? Or maybe your dog sleeps someplace “normal” like the floor or a dog house (weather permitting of […]

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Question Options

What is Your Dog’s Favorite Activity?

Some dogs love to sleep, some dogs love to run, and some dogs love to… well, do other stuff. About a week ago I created a Facebook poll asking the question: What is Your Dog’s Favorite Activity? Several thousand people have already answered. Please add your voice and tell us your dog’s favorite activity. Then […]

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English Bulldog

Bulldog’s View of New York City

As someone who grew up in New York City, I have enjoyed the New Yorkers project. This project, conceived of by Moonshot Productions, is a recurring short documentary series that highlights regular, everyday New Yorkers from all walks of life. The people that other New Yorkers probably don’t even notice. Meet Harry Grumbles – a […]

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Jack Russell Terrier Portrait

The Most Helpful Jack Russell Terrier

This Jack Russell Terrier is certainly quite well-trained – I wish I could get my kids to do half of the things he does, never mind my dogs! I wonder how long it took to complete all that training? I am sure he sleeps well at night… Want to receive short, actionable training tips? Click […]

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