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Super Cool Reason to Adopt Dog

Why You Should Adopt a Pet [video]

There are always lots of conversations and discussions about the reasons to adopt a dog or other type of pet. There are, in fact, many different good and serious reasons to adopt a dog. This short video humorously sums up one good reason – even if it is a little bit selfish… Enjoy! Widgets […]

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Surfing Dog

Surfin´ Bulldog

Update: Tillan won this year’s Gold Zoomie award for Best TV Dog. This is both a really fun and a really impressive video! Of course, the dog starring in the video is not just any dog. He is Tillman, the 7 year old surfing and skate-boarding Bulldog from Oxnard, California. Watch him as he surfs […]

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Large Dog

Largest and Biggest Dog Breeds [video]

Want to see some of the largest and biggest dog breeds in the world? This 3-minute video is a quick scan of some of the largest dog breeds. This is not filled with boring facts – just pictures of these beautiful, large dogs – with the simple fact of the average weight range for the […]

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Training Police Dog

Police Dog Training Blooper

Yes, this video of a German Shepherd being trained to attack robbers does contain a “blooper” that gets everyone laughing. However, the discipline of the dog and the effectiveness of the training is very impressive in my opinion. The key event occurs at 0:38 seconds into the video. What do you think? Widgets Did […]

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Not Funny Dog Training

House Training Puppies – Not So Funny!

This is probably not the best way to housebreak your puppy… 🙂   We have a lot of better training ideas to offer! Widgets You Might Also Like: Did you enjoy this post? Please click on the buttons below to share with your friends!

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