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Dog with Flea Cartoon

Are You Prepared For Flea Season?

Anyone who has a dog knows that fleas can be a problem and getting rid of them can take hard work and persistence. While there are many dog flea remedies out there, you have to consider the lifestyle of a flea as well as how they invade your home in order to figure out which […]

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Pet Travel 101 Infographic

Pet Travel Tips Infographic

I recently posted an article 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Dog Ready For Car Travel and before that I posted Airplane Travel With Your Dog. Today I come across a great Pet Travel 101 infographic that brings together in graphical form some great tips for travelling with your dog. Try to keep these tips […]

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Dog Pills Diet

Are Vitamin Supplements Important for Your Dog?

Today, almost everyone knows that it is important for people to take vitamin supplements, but not everyone knows that it is also just as important for their dogs. In the same way that vitamin supplements benefit people that take them, they also provide numerous benefits to the overall health of dogs. This is especially true […]

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Little boy training puppy

How to Involve Children in Puppy Training

In a previous blog post we discussed how to have all children assume some responsibility for the new puppy. In this post we discuss the next step in the relationship – how to involve children in the puppy training experience. As soon as your new puppy arrives at your home for the very first time, […]

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Mother, son, and dog playing

Introducing Your Child and Your New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is a very exciting and memorable experience, especially when there are children in the family. There is something very special about seeing a small child and a loving puppy playing happily together. Psychological studies have proven that people who are fortunate enough to grow up with a dog in the […]

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Large Group of Dogs

What is the Best Dog Breed For Your Lifestyle?

When researching what type of puppy or dog to bring into their home, many people focus (only) on the characteristics and personality of the different dog breeds. However, by doing so, you are ignoring some very important factors – the characteristics and personality of the dog owner and family! In this post I will try to […]

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