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Large Dog

Largest and Biggest Dog Breeds [video]

Want to see some of the largest and biggest dog breeds in the world? This 3-minute video is a quick scan of some of the largest dog breeds. This is not filled with boring facts – just pictures of these beautiful, large dogs – with the simple fact of the average weight range for the […]

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Training Police Dog

Police Dog Training Blooper

Yes, this video of a German Shepherd being trained to attack robbers does contain a “blooper” that gets everyone laughing. However, the discipline of the dog and the effectiveness of the training is very impressive in my opinion. The key event occurs at 0:38 seconds into the video. What do you think? Widgets Did […]

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Dog Driving Car

Can Your Dog Drive a Car?

While I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that I wrote the title above just to trick you into reading this post, that is not the case. This is a true story about 3 dogs that have really been trained to drive a car! In order to raise awareness and encourage adoption of their rescued dogs, the Society […]

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Betty White

Date Betty White – Save the Animals

Betty White is known for her many different personalities and roles. Personally, I’ll always associate her with The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls. But one role which is not acting for her is her advocacy for animals.   Betty White has been personally involved in many different animal support programs, especially in Los […]

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Basenji Portrait

Basenji – The Dog That Doesn’t Bark

This video is about a very unusual breed of dog – the Basenji. It’s most unique characteristic is that it doesn’t bark – it only does something that resembles yodeling. However, since the Basenji is less vocal than most dogs, it makes it a great dog for city dwellers who don’t want to disturb the […]

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