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6 Tips For Taking Better Dog Photos

Taking Dog PhotoFor many of us – myself included – one of the more frustrating pet challenges is taking good photos of our dogs. I’m not looking for wedding portraits, but something that captures our dog’s personally. Of course, if they have an active personality, it is often very hard to catch…

I was therefore very happy when I came across a post on Dog’s Best Life that offers some simple, but useful tips for taking better dog photos. Follow the link above for the full article, but here are some of the main tips:

  • Be patient
  • Natural light is always better than using a flash.
  • Get down to their level
  • Focusing on special features and details such as a crooked ear, a mottled nose or beautiful eyes make the photo a little more interesting
  • Watch your backgrounds
  • Fill the frame!

Anyone can take great photographs of their dog with one of these cameras:

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