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Is That Thanksgiving Food Safe For Your Dog?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I hope that we all stop for a few moments and think about all that we have to be thankful for – no matter how challenging life is at times…

dog and TurkeyWe also need to be sure to take a few moments to think about Thanksgiving dinner for our dogs – assuming they are invited. All of the commotion of lots of additional people and noise – some of whom will be playful and some of whom will be annoying – can be difficult for dogs to deal with. It can make them very anxious or tense, so please keep that in mind.

More importantly, keep an eye out for your well meaning family and friends who want to share share of the delicious food with the family pets. Some foods can be extremely hazardous to dogs and other pets, so please be careful.

Here are links to 2 helpful articles on Do’s and Don’t of sharing Thanksgiving food with your dog:

15 Thanksgiving Foods You Can Feed Your Dog
10 Thanksgiving Foods Dangerous for Your Dog

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