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Are You Wasting Money on Dog Toys?

Unfortunately, it is very common for dog owners to purchase a toy from a pet store when they go into it to buy food or other items, give it to their dogs when they get home, and then forget the toy ever existed. As a result, the dog will soon forget about it as well. It will have been a waste of money and you will have gotten nothing from it at all. There is absolutely no point to buying dog toys for your pet if you will not use those toys for fun or to bond with your pooch.

All it takes is thirty minutes a day for you to play with your dog so he or she will feel loved and bond with you, and there are plenty of toys out there to use. Use the dog toys in various games to capture their attention and you will find that they take a lot more interest in them day in and day out rather than disregarding them after a few days. Dogs are actually pretty similar to children in that respect!


Using dog toys in games is all about innovation and creativity. You may find that some dogs do not take any interest in a certain type of game or toy. For example, one dog may not like playing with a tennis ball and prefer a cuddly toy, but it could be the total opposite for a different dog – so try out different things to see what works. You could hide a cuddly toy and play hide and seek, buy a tugging rope or use tennis balls in a paddling pool (with or without water). Try lots of different toys and games to see what works and you will both have a lot of fun!

Should I Buy or Make My Own Dog Toys?

The choice is yours!

We also offer this guide to choosing dog toys.

Whatever you decide, the most important thing to remember is to have fun with your dog!!!

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