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If you are interested in our book “Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes”, then you probably like doing things for yourself – especially for your pet. In that case, you may be interested in this very affordable book – DIY for Your Dog: 30 Toys, Treats, and Treasures to Make. This book contains step by step instructions for making fun toys and gifts for your dog all by yourself (or with your kids). It includes everything from a cozy traveling dog bed, a knitted blanket, and a throw-and-catch bone to an adorable neckerchief, a colorful crocheted leash cover, and a made-to-measure coat for gray days. 

This is a great opportunity to save money on overpriced store-bought dog toys, to create “Green” dog toys from trash, and to have creative fun at home. Wish you could start a home-based business? This could be a great starting point.

Check it out and read the great reviews.